Creative Advocacy

Creative Advocacy is a multifaceted organization that promotes the work of artists through web-based publications and video interviews, and helps artists advance their professional careers through one-on-one mentorship. Creative Advocacy also leads workshops focused on professional development skills in addition to community-centered workshops that investigate the intersection of science and art. Workshops are often funded through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) grants and examine environment-focused topics such as: bioluminescent art, ecoart, paper making with plants involved in phytoremediation, and site-specific art examining superfund sites and brownfields in the community.

Creative Advocacy offers small business coaching and mentorship focused on finding profitable ways to keep artists doing what they love and achieving their personal career goals. Mentees will be paired with a mentor who is a senior professional in contemporary art and interested in stewarding the growth of the mentee. With a legacy of promoting art, Creative Advocacy is an important resource to the community, fostering the promotion of sustainable artistic expression through mentorship, education, and portfolio development. Sessions are tailored to each artist’s needs and include: finding an artistic vision, building a business, portfolio reviews, marketing, building an audience, artist statements, academic and grant applications; pricing art or photographic services, and resources for exhibiting or publishing work.


Abbey Hepner is an artist, educator, public speaker, and arts advocate dedicated to educating and supporting artists as they navigate creative sectors in contemporary culture. She provides professional development services and individual support to emerging professional artists.

Hepner founded Creative Advocacy in 2016 and collaborates with a number of curators, publishers, and art-organizations. She holds a BA degree in Psychology and BFA degree in Studio Art from the University of Utah, and an MFA degree in Studio Art with a Minor in Arts Management from the University of New Mexico. She is an internationalyl exhibiting artist, has been featured in many commercial and fine art publications, taught grant-writing courses, and owned and operated a highly profitable photography business in the Pacific Northwest. Hepner is actively involved in the greater art community, speaks frequently at public events including the Society for Photographic Education conferences, and serves on the Student and Emerging Professionals committee for the College Art Association (CAA).